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Wheatnet-IP Navigator

WheatNet-IP NAVIGATOR is the control and administration software package for WheatNet-IP. While much of the basic configuration of WheatNet-IP can be done easily from a BLADE’s front panel, WheatNet-IP NAVIGATOR offers a more convenient way to do comprehensive system configuration.

  • Multiple bargraph meters in one computer display for checking levels of any source, destination or audio path in a WheatNet-IP network
  • Separate analysis window for detailed signal evaluation using FFT, 3-D plot, oscilloscope, energy vs. frequency, spectral dynamic range, and other tools
  • Real-time metering of audio peak levels, average levels and peak over average levels; stereo or mono
  • Two to more than 60 meter cells in a single display screen
  • ’Style of metering can be curved ?eyebrow,? horizontal or vertical bargraph (you determine the number of bars)
  • Silence detection/failover at a glance for alerting you if an audio stream has failed
  • Customizable as an overall grid layout of meters with color options and font selections for metering in a way that makes sense to you
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  • stacje telewizyjne
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